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Monday, July 19, 2010

Llama Fest

Hey loves!

How was your weekend. Sorry I havent posted in a couple of days. Was in Utah at Llama fest <333

Llamas are so cute! We drove down on Friday night, spent all day Saturday at a art museum and llama fest, then drove back sunday.

We went to the art museum and saw the most beautiful quilts, some machine sewn, others hand sewn. My favorite one was a blue and white square one.
It had a white border with blue edging, then in the center it has a blue and white checkerboard, and around the border there was swirl roses and vines. It was so beautiful.

Then at llama fest we got to see llamas(obviously ;)
And ate some really good food and I got a henna tattoo on my arm, its a flower with swirls. Its beautiful.

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