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Monday, July 12, 2010

Duct Tape

Hey loves!

So just thought I would let ya know what I'm up to and post up all my commission info :]

So right now I am actually working on Duct Tape(yes duct tape) hairbows!
I have to go pick up silver ribbon for the clips. So it will be a couple days til I get them up in the store.
Do you guys have any particular color/pattern duct tape you would like to see in the shop?

Well here is all the commission info I promised :]
If you dont know how to pay via just paypal I can set up a special Etsy listing for you to pay through.


•Accepted subject matter: Your OC’s, fan characters, some animals, fairies, elves, dragons, fun things, and artistic nudes--meaning everything that would be covered by a swim suit must be covered by an arm/leg/hair/etc and nothing sexual

•Unacceptable subject matter: Sexual images, some animals (contact me for listing), copies of another artists work or style

•Drawing media: Traditional prints in either watercolor or colored pencil combined with markerDigital images can be sent via e.mail or sent to you as a print

•Drawing styles: prints can be drawn fully outlined in black or dark brown, outlined in a rough edged painted style, or left with no outline (see my gallery for examples) Digital images can be produced in basic CG (anime) style, basic painted style, or a style that combines both.

•Chibi Sketch:$7.00
•Chibi Lineart:$8.00
•Chibi Colour:$9.00


•Each Added Character:$1.50

•Please check each extra you would like included
[ ]Detailed Background:$5.00
[ ]Traditionally Coloured:$10.00
[ ]Digitally Coloured:$7.00
[ ]Inked and Pencil Shaded:$5.00
[ ]Pencil Shading:$2.00
[ ]Basic Background:$4.00

•Please note all this information along with a reference image to Me

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